GDPR compliance & proceedure

Who do we  hold Information About?   GDPR COMPLIANCE MAY 2018     What Data do We hold?     Who holds  the data?   Where do we hold the information?   What do we  use the  information  for?   How long do  we hold the  information  for?  
  AVR Committee Members     Name, Address, Telephone numbers, Email       Committee Members     Spreadsheets and paper   To communicate with each other on AVR matters   For the duration of the membership or 2 years after expiry 2 Months after the ride then disposed of securely       Until a committee member steps down  
  AVR Members     Name, Address, Telephone numbers, Email     Committee Members ————————– Ride Organisers     Spreadsheets and paper     To inform of AVR Club matters and up & coming Events & rides    
  AVR Non-Members   Name, Address, Telephone numbers, Email       Ride Organisers         Ride Entry        forms           Ride    information   2 Months after the event then disposed of securely  

Any person participating in any of Amber Valley Riders (AVR) Events or rides, when signing the disclaimers give consent to:

(I) Be in compliance with the GDPR & any personal data will not be shared with any third party or organization.

(II) On the day of the event, any photographs taken on the day by AVR & or its representatives being used for advertising and publicity purposes in connection with the event & or future and similar events / rides by AVR