About us

Amber Valley Riders is a non-competitive pleasure riding group, organised entirely by volunteers. Our aim is to allow members to enjoy riding their horses along bridleways, tracks and country lanes for pleasure! 

Please Note:-

It is a legal requirement to always carry your Equines passport

when travelling and we ask all equines to be up to date with their annual Equine Flu Vaccinations.


At our Events, passport & visual horse health checks will be carried out, until such a time it is deemed no longer necessary. 

We have rides every month from March through to end December. There is an annual dinner at the end of the season when the Awards are given. If you complete all rides you qualify for Platinum and then there will also be gold, silver and bronze awards for riders who complete fewer rides, descending on a one point tally system.  You may ride on your own or we will try and find you someone to ride with.

An entry form is sent out via email to our members & will also be available for download on our website on the rides dates page, on our ride calendar. Our rides are usually between 7 and 15 miles and usually start between 9.30am and 11 am but check individual rides. You are expected to complete the ride in a reasonable time i.e. about 3 hours. At the Ride Organisers discretion you may be allowed to leave after the last start time but will be asked to complete the shorter route if there is one available.

The basic price of a ride for members is £15 inc any parking or permit fees which have to be paid to a landowner(s). (Individual rides may vary for various reasons)

Non-members are allowed on our rides, but pay a higher entry fee. Due to increased members numbers some rides may be made members only.  If a member helps to marshall on the day instead of riding, this will count towards the end of season awards. AVR Ltd will also give our helpers a food voucher, rosette & £15 to show our appreciation of your time.

The Committee reserve the right to penalise any members for breaking ANY of the Club rules.

Data held on club members will only be divulged to committee members for club business and not to any other party under the Data Protection Act.

If you are thinking of joining AVR then please contact….


A small membership fee is payable annually which covers the cost of communication with members throughout the year…

Current Membership (runs from 1st March)


Riding Member £15 per annum

Non-riding Member £6 per annum


New members must also purchase a tabbard for £10

In order to ensure high standards of Health & Safety all members are asked to adhere to the following rules…

It is a legal requirement to always carry your Equines passport when travelling to any event.  We require all horses to be up to date with their annual Equine Influenza Vaccinations 

At our events, passport & visual horse health checks will be carried out on the day until such a time it is deemed no longer necessary. 

  1.   Headcams from 2019 season are permitted to be worn at riders own risk.
  2. All riders must wear approved standard hat whilst mounted and behave in a responsible manner. Please note that hat standards recently changed (2017) and riders are advised to check that their hat meets current standards. https://www.bhs.org.uk/advice-and-information/tack-and-equipment/what-to-wear/headwear 
  3. All riders under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. All horses must be in a fit condition either well shod, wear appropriate horse hoof boots or, if barefoot, hooves in good condition to carry out the work expected of them.
  5. Tack must be in a safe condition and the horse must wear a conventional bridle.This includes bitless bridles as long as the rider confident that they are in control of their horse. This is for insurance purposes.
  6. Minimum age of participating horses is 4 years without exception. Participating horses should also be ridden and not in hand.
  7. Riders must be covered by their own third party insurance and sign a disclaimer. Proof of valid third party insurance must be provided with membership. If renewal is within the season then it is the responsibility of the rider to provide proof of this renewal before subsequent ride events.
  8. Club tabards to be worn during the ride over the top of outer clothing so the numbers can be seen, and to be worn only by the member they are issued to.
  9. Riders must slow to a walk when approaching other riders from behind and warn them of their intention to pass.
  10. Riders must show consideration to pedestrians and other road users. Riders must stay on the path/track and not stray onto farmer’s land or cross privately maintained grass/lawn/verges.
  11. The committee reserves the right to penalise any members for breaking ANY of the above rules.                 

  12. Some of our AVR rides will be open to entry from non-members again this year but due to our increased member numbers, some rides may be made members only. Entry forms will be posted on this website and our Facebook page as soon as they are available. Non-members will always pay a higher entry fee than members…so why not join AVR as a member (£15 annual fee).

    Catering will be provided at rides wherever possible.

    Additional help? If you can’t ride but would still like to help then please contact the ride organiser ASAP & fill in the entry form, ticking the marshal box and send to the ride organiser but once marshal numbers are reached, no more would be required (numbers vary for each ride). If the required number of stewards is not available to help the organiser on the day then the ride will not run as our insurance becomes invalid.

    A HUGE thank you to all members who volunteer their time as ride organisers and stewards…without you we wouldn’t be able to do the rides!

    If you know of a lovely ride in your area that you would like to share with other riders then why not organise a ride for AVR members? All ride organisers are given organisational support by a specified committee member and entry can be co-ordinated by the AVR committee if you wish.